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Journal of Clinical Oncology - Kasım 2010

Volume 28, Issue 31 - November 1, 2010

Genome-Wide Associations and Functional Genomic Studies of Musculoskeletal Adverse Events in Women Receiving Aromatase Inhibitors
James N. Ingle,  Daniel J. Schaid,  Paul E. Goss,  Mohan Liu,  Taisei Mushiroda,  Judy-Anne W. Chapman,  Michiaki Kubo,  Gregory D. Jenkins,  Anthony Batzler,  Lois Shepherd,  Joseph Pater,  Liewei Wang,  Matthew J. Ellis,  Vered Stearns,  Daniel C. Rohrer,  Matthew P. Goetz,  Kathleen I. Pritchard,  David A. Flockhart,  Yusuke Nakamura,  and Richard M. Weinshilboum JCO Nov 1, 2010:4674-4682; published online on September 27, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.28.5064. [Abstract]
Value of Early Referral to Fertility Preservation in Young Women With Breast Cancer
Sanghoon Lee,  Sinan Ozkavukcu,  Elke Heytens,  Fred Moy,  and Kutluk Oktay JCO Nov 1, 2010:4683-4686; published online on September 27, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.30.5748. [Abstract]
Randomized, Phase III Trial of Panitumumab With Infusional Fluorouracil, Leucovorin, and Oxaliplatin (FOLFOX4) Versus FOLFOX4 Alone As First-Line Treatment in Patients With Previously Untreated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: The PRIME Study
Jean-Yves Douillard,  Salvatore Siena,  James Cassidy,  Josep Tabernero,  Ronald Burkes,  Mario Barugel,  Yves Humblet,  György Bodoky,  David Cunningham,  Jacek Jassem,  Fernando Rivera,  Ilona Kocákova,  Paul Ruff,  Maria Błasińska-Morawiec,  Martin Šmakal,  Jean-Luc Canon,  Mark Rother,  Kelly S. Oliner,  Michael Wolf,  and Jennifer Gansert  JCO Nov 1, 2010:4697-4705; published online on October 4, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.27.4860. [Abstract]
Randomized Phase III Study of Panitumumab With Fluorouracil, Leucovorin, and Irinotecan (FOLFIRI) Compared With FOLFIRI Alone As Second-Line Treatment in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Marc Peeters,  Timothy Jay Price,  Andrés Cervantes,  Alberto F. Sobrero,  Michel Ducreux,  Yevhen Hotko,  Thierry André,  Emily Chan,  Florian Lordick,  Cornelis J.A. Punt,  Andrew H. Strickland,  Gregory Wilson,  Tudor-Eliade Ciuleanu,  Laslo Roman,  Eric Van Cutsem,  Valentina Tzekova,  Simon Collins,  Kelly S. Oliner,  Alan Rong,  and Jennifer Gansert JCO Nov 1, 2010:4706-4713; published online on October 4, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.27.6055. [Abstract]
Temsirolimus Has Activity in Non–Mantle Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Subtypes: The University of Chicago Phase II Consortium
Sonali M. Smith,  Koen van Besien,  Theodore Karrison,  Janet Dancey,  Peter McLaughlin,  Anas Younes,  Scott Smith,  Patrick Stiff,  Eric Lester,  Sanjiv Modi,  L. Austin Doyle,  Everett E. Vokes,  and Barbara Pro JCO Nov 1, 2010:4740-4746; published online on September 13, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.29.2813. [Abstract
Phase II Selection Design Trial of Concurrent Chemotherapy and Cetuximab Versus Chemotherapy Followed by Cetuximab in Advanced-Stage Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Southwest Oncology Group Study S0342
Roy S. Herbst,  Karen Kelly,  Kari Chansky,  Philip C. Mack,  Wilbur A. Franklin,  Fred R. Hirsch,  James N. Atkins,  Shaker R. Dakhil,  Kathy S. Albain,  Edward S. Kim,  Mary Redman,  John J. Crowley,  and David R. Gandara JCO Nov 1, 2010:4747-4754; published online on October 4, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.27.9356. [Abstract]
Volume 28, Issue 32 - November 10, 2010
Brain Tumors: From Childhood Through Adolescence Into Adulthood 
Mark W. Kieran,  David Walker,  Didier Frappaz,  and Michael Prados JCO Nov 10, 2010:4783-4789; published online on May 10, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.28.3481. [Abstract
Clinical Pharmacology in the Adolescent Oncology Patient 
Gareth J. Veal,  Christine M. Hartford,  and Clinton F. Stewart JCO Nov 10, 2010:4790-4799; published online on May 3, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.28.3473. [Abstract
Review of Adherence-Related Issues in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer 
Phyllis Butow,  Susan Palmer,  Ahna Pai,  Belinda Goodenough,  Tim Luckett,  and Madeleine King JCO Nov 10, 2010:4800-4809; published online on March 8, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.22.2802. 
Transition of Care for Young Adult Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer: Rationale and Approaches 
David R. Freyer JCO Nov 10, 2010:4810-4818; published online on March 29, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.23.4278. [Abstract]
Role of Palliative Care in Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology 
Simon Wein,  Shlomit Pery,  and Alona Zer JCO Nov 10, 2010:4819-4824; published online on March 8, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.22.4543. [Abstract
Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Caring for Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer
Sue Morgan,  Simon Davies,  Susan Palmer,  and Meg Plaster JCO Nov 10, 2010:4825-4830; published online on May 24, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.22.5474. [Abstract]
Fertility Preservation in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer 
Jennifer Levine,  Andrea Canada,  and Catharyn J. Stern JCO Nov 10, 2010:4831-4841; published online on May 10, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.22.8312. [Abstract
Been There, Done That, Wrote the Blog: The Choices and Challenges of Supporting Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer 
Claire L. Treadgold and Aura Kuperberg JCO Nov 10, 2010:4842-4849; published online on March 29, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.23.0516. [Abstract]
Starting an Adolescent and Young Adult Program: Some Success Stories and Some Obstacles to Overcome 
Andrea Ferrari,  David Thomas,  Anna R.K. Franklin,  Brandon M. Hayes-Lattin,  Maurizio Mascarin,  Winette van der Graaf,  and Karen H. Albritton JCO Nov 10, 2010:4850-4857; published online on May 17, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.23.8097. 
Volume 28, Issue 33 - November 20, 2010
Screening for Distress in Lung and Breast Cancer Outpatients: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Linda E. Carlson,  Shannon L. Groff,  Olga Maciejewski,  and Barry D. Bultz JCO Nov 20, 2010:4884-4891; published online on October 12, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.27.3698. [Abstract]
Prognostic Factors in Patients With Metastatic Germ Cell Tumors Who Experienced Treatment Failure With Cisplatin-Based First-Line Chemotherapy
The International Prognostic Factors Study Group
JCO Nov 20, 2010:4906-4911; published online on October 18, 2010; 10.1200/JCO.2009.26.8128. [Abstract
Radiotherapy With Concurrent Carbogen and Nicotinamide in Bladder Carcinoma
Peter J. Hoskin,  Ana M. Rojas,  Søren M. Bentzen,  and Michele I. Saunders  JCO Nov 20, 2010:4912-4918; published online on October 18, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.28.4950. [Abstract
Survival and Prognostic Factors of Early Childhood Medulloblastoma: An International Meta-Analysis 
Stefan Rutkowski,  Katja von Hoff,  Angela Emser,  Isabella Zwiener,  Torsten Pietsch,  Dominique Figarella-Branger,  Felice Giangaspero,  David W. Ellison,  Maria-Luisa Garre,  Veronica Biassoni,  Richard G. Grundy,  Jonathan L. Finlay,  Girish Dhall,  Marie-Anne Raquin,  and Jacques Grill JCO Nov 20, 2010:4961-4968; published online on October 12, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.30.2299. [Abstract]
Antitumor Activity of Hu14.18-IL2 in Patients With Relapsed/Refractory Neuroblastoma: A Children's Oncology Group (COG) Phase II Study
Suzanne Shusterman,  Wendy B. London,  Stephen D. Gillies,  Jacquelyn A. Hank,  Stephan D. Voss,  Robert C. Seeger,  C. Patrick Reynolds,  Jennifer Kimball,  Mark R. Albertini,  Barrett Wagner,  Jacek Gan,  Jens Eickhoff,  Kenneth B. DeSantes,  Susan L. Cohn,  Toby Hecht,  Brian Gadbaw,  Ralph A. Reisfeld,  John M. Maris,  and Paul M. Sondel JCO Nov 20, 2010:4969-4975; published online on October 4, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2009.27.8861. [Abstract]
American Society of Clinical Oncology/American Society of Hematology Clinical Practice Guideline Update on the Use of Epoetin and Darbepoetin in Adult Patients With Cancer

J. Douglas Rizzo,  Melissa Brouwers,  Patricia Hurley,  Jerome Seidenfeld,  Murat O. Arcasoy,  Jerry L. Spivak,  Charles L. Bennett,  Julia Bohlius,  Darren Evanchuk,  Matthew J. Goode,  Ann A. Jakubowski,  David H. Regan,  and Mark R. Somerfield  JCO Nov 20, 2010:4996-5010; published online on October 25, 2010;10.1200/JCO.2010.29.2201. [Abstract]