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ESMOandESO 3rdESO Balkan and Eastern Eur.Masterclass in Clin.Oncol.Application Deadline 18/3/2013

Değerli Üyemiz,

ESMO and ESO (the European School of Oncology) are collaborating in organizing the 3rd ESO Balkan and Eastern European Masterclass in Clinical Oncology that will be held on 8-12 May 2013 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Masterclass is mainly designed for clinical oncologists of the Balkan and Eastern European region who wish to improve their skills in oncology, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity.

The Masterclass offers plenary lectures regarding the state-of-the-art clinical evaluation and treatments with reference to clinical guidelines and which conclude in taking-home messages. Furthermore, practical training will be offered in the frame of clinical case presentations prepared and presented by the faculty and participants for an interactive discussion. All participants will reside at the masterclass venue and participation is compulsory throughout the course. The Masterclass will be entirely in English and fluency in English is necessary for admission. I enclose a flyer for your information.

Attendance to the Masterclass is by application only (Application deadline extended to 18 March 2013) and successful applicants are granted free registration and accommodation.
Applications and more information are also available on line at or by sending an email to me or to Roberta Ventura (Roberta Ventura or

Razvan Popescu MD, MRCP(UK)

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