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Atina'da yapılacak "Excellence in Oncology Conference" Toplantısı

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18-20 Kasım 2010 Tarihinde Atina'da yapılacak "Excellence in Oncology Conference" toplantısının duyuru mektubu aşağıdadır. Bilgilerinizi rica ederiz.


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It is our great pleasure to announce the Excellence in Oncology Conference, taking place in Athens, Greece, on 18-20 November, 2010.
The Conference is organised in association with the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) and the International Journal of Cancer, endorsed by the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) and supported by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and other associations. Excellence in Oncology enables practicing oncologists to stay ahead in their field. Outstanding international speakers from across academia and the healthcare sector present cutting edge scientific findings and practice-changing advances in oncology, as these relate to clinical practice. Excellence in Oncology is a sort of an authentic annual review of emerging evidence for applying the latest knowledge and practice changing advances in oncology as well as for transferring the latest research findings from the bench to the bedside.
The International Scientific Committee of Excellence in Oncology consists of 20 active and 16 honorary members representing leading cancer institutions of the world as well as renowned international scientific journals. For your information, please find attached list of the Scientific Committee members, as well as the confirmed Speakers, Chairpersons and Moderators of the Conference. Attached please also find the registration form as well as the Conference banner. For further details you may visit the conference website on
Through a variety of highly interactive sessions such as scientific symposia, educational symposia, lectures, debates, current issues in oncology, meet-the-expert seminars and clinical problems in oncology, attendees will be updated on the most recent advances in Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Cancer, Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer, Treatment of Cancer and Supportive Care of Cancer Patients. The full version of the Conference programme is available on the webpage
The Conference addresses a multidisciplinary audience, including mainly but not exclusively medical oncologists, surgical oncologists and radiation oncologists. pathologists, radiologists and translational oriented researchers are also included.
We would like to ask your contribution to our effort to establish effective communication with the international scientific community by providing detailed information to your individual members about this event and thus encouraging them to attend it and present their work through the submission of abstracts. More specifically, we would welcome your support in the following ways:
o    Place the conference banner with a link in the homepage of your society.
o    Include Excellence in Oncology in the on-line calendar of events of your website.
o    Announce Excellence in Oncology in any printed and/or electronic version of Journals, newsletters, bulletins issued by your society/ association.
o    Offer us advertising space in your publications on a barter agreement basis.
o    Forward the Conference electronic newsletter to your electronic mailing list (or provide us with email addresses of your members if possible to include them in our recipients’ list).
o    Distribute informative material of Excellence in Oncology during conferences and other events organised by your society.
o    Provide us with information regarding other cancer-related events organised in your country so that we can schedule to send informative material about Excellence in Oncology.
Of course, we will be delighted to list your society as a Supporter of Excellence in Oncology in our website, printed materials and on-site signage (banners etc). The Supporting organisations of the Excellence in Oncology Conference are announced on
We remain at your disposal for any further information you may require and we look forward to welcoming your members to Athens for Excellence in Oncology 2010.
Thank you in advance for your kind support to this endeavour.
On behalf of the Conference Organisers
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