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I am pleased to report that the ASCO Research Statement with recommendations to streamline and standardize clinical trial site feasibility assessments has been published online ahead of print.

The statement provides concrete recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the feasibility assessment process to ensure that more trial sites and patients can participate in oncology clinical trials. This statement is the culmination of an effort let by an ASCO Research Community Forum Task Force, which explored solutions to reduce burdens and improve efficiencies associated with assessing trial site feasibility for oncology clinical trials. The recommendations incorporate feedback stakeholders including trial sites, biotech-pharma sponsors, and contract research organizations.

As noted in the article, all stakeholders stand to benefit implementing these recommendations. However, to have meaningful impact, adoption and consistent execution of these recommendations across all trials, sponsors, CROs, and sites are essential.

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ASCO just released new recommendations to simplify, streamline, and standardize the site feasibility assessment process to ensure more patients and trial sites can participate in clinical trials. Learn more through a recent ASCO online post, which provides highlights and a link to the statement.

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